How long are You working at your games?

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  • Hey

    How long are You working at your game?

    Just asking

  • Good Morning.

    I did not quite understand the topic idea.

    But I myself like to create games and draw, just for hobby, I start a project but sometimes before finalizing the same I start another ...

    I liked working with Construct 2, I found it better than other applications I've worked with.

    I did not really like the idea of Construct 3 right in the browser, I think I'll have to adapt ...

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  • I haven't created any game yet, I'm only thinking about it. But I guess, it will take me a long time...

  • Hi, good question. My first game, Cubeeo (In Space), which should hopefully now be linked in my signature basically took me two full days, starting from scratch. I don't just mean starting the game from scratch. I also mean starting using Construct 2 from scratch. (Shout out to Construct 2 creators - great work!)

    I had a vague idea of the type of game I wanted to create, but knew very little about programming. Granted, I do have a design background, and some tangentially related knowledge, but I think it's great that I could join here a couple days ago truly not knowing how to program a game, and then have something to show for it in two days.

    These were two, very fully days (12+ hours, minimum), but I have a version 1.0.0 prototype of a game, which is exciting. I am now aware of it's limitations, and thinking about how to proceed with a new version. Also, all the assets I used were provided in the free construct 2 bundle. Thanks Construct 2!

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