how long do we have to wait for appbackr?

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  • So I submitted my first tizen game to the appbackr about 10 days ago, but so far I haven't got any reply from them. How long do you usually wait until you got approved/contacted?

  • well, because I submitted near new year I had thought that they'd be late in responding because of holidays, but I don't know if it's still holidays in the US

  • I got the impression to make the "Incentive" deadline of the 31st they all worked through the holidays including the weekends. And now have all taken an extended break. I'm still waiting on the file approved on the 27th of Dec, that got lost in the mail.

  • Ok, now I am wondering if they skipped town. Still no word at all.

  • yeah, is there anyone from appbackr team here in this forum? maybe we can ask them directly

  • Daggio


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    On the tizen app callenge page for the appbakr contest, they announced 24 250$ winners:

    Apparently additional winners will be announced later in the week. So they may be busy finding the additional winners. I'm still waiting on my 1xxx$ prize of cash incentives. Hopefully were contacted for that as well.

  • retrodude


    That is weird, I have 3 $250 winners, one of which they paid me December 22, and none appear in that list. (Cannonball Bash was paid, 5 others not yet.)

    I'm a tad bit concerned, if you got $1000+ and I got $1000 and there is only $6000 in prizes...

    Great, flipping through their submission page, I just found "image-rotator" and that icon is stolen from my website

  • Aren't these two different things though? When you submitted through the form here at, you were pretty much guaranteed a payment for your game. As long as they accepted the game of course.

    I think the general tizen challenge with 6000$ in prizes is a separate thing here.

    I also submitted one game and the last message I received from appbackr was saying that they would pay me when they confirmed the validation of the game on the tizen seller store. The game has been approved for a while now without any further word from appbackr. And my contact there doesn't seem to reply anymore. Weird.

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  • I'm going on a Month for Pucked, It's was approved and in the store when Cannonball Bash was paid via paypal.

    It was submitted a couple days after Cannonball bash. (Mid November) But the names both changed to "Construct2" when uploaded, and they asked me to clarify which was which, so it sounds like they were processed together.

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