Loading Screens for Mobile Games?

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  • Hi guys....and gals. My game is nearing completion and there is one thing I am very curious about.

    When we export our games for mobile (I am using crosswalk), I notice that there is never a need for loading screens except for when the game starts. After that it is like straight from one level to the next without any loading. But if you play any other mobile games out there, there will always be a loading page. So I was really curious as to why is that?

    Could it be that at the start of each level, the game always starts off slowly, so developers purposely built a manual loading screen there while the game gets to normal speeds? Really curious about this. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this.

  • I think People adds loading screens because there are generally lots of assets to load between levels, and maybe other things that may take some time.

    In the case of C2, there is the same thing that happens, which is why some people have a pause between layouts (well, you could show a "loading..." just before switching layout), but the initial slowdown is I think due to the js compiler that did not yet finished initialising.

    Could be totally wrong though.

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  • So it is true for mobile games in C2, we will need to manually add in our own loading screen since the loader layout only works for nodekit?

    For my case, I notice that jumping to another layout is ok, the issue is that when I start a new layout, it runs slowly for a few seconds. This is pretty much confirmed by the debugger with shows a spike in processing at the start of each new level....Although it indeed could also be because the compiler has yet to finish initializing like you mentioned. I will give it a few test and report back here.

  • It looks like for my case, putting a loading screen at the beginning of the layout does the trick, instead of between layers. I can confirm the spike in processing comes right at the start of each layout. Time to start manually redoing all the event sheets.

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