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  • Here's a trailer of lbp2.

    What you'll see is: an example of different "games"/levels/worlds you can create within the game.

    What I like about part 1 is, that it's fun to search for words to find out levels being made on what you typed.

    Or to filter on highest ranked/most popular levels and be amazed by cool levels people made.

  • Yeah, the first game was great, except that there weren't enough levels created by the developers (hope that doesn't happen this time), and that the user-created levels get boring after a while, apart from the occasional decent one if you look hard enough.

    I gave up searching for levels worth playing in the end.

    BTW, I posted in that YouTube thread you linked to.

    Why do some people feel the need to slag off one console to "big-up" another?

    Nob-head fanboys get right on my tit.

    Any idea of the release date for LBP2?

    I'm sure it's mentioned on there somewhere, but I didn't bother digging through the fanboy posts to find out.


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  • Man! can't wait for that piece of true artwork to come out.I love LBP!!.And LBP2 will be twice as awesome.

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