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    How is this game not featured on every fucking site out there?

    What the fuck gaming journalists. Animation and Control wise, this is an incredible achievement. Nice use of the silhouette style and animations that bring a tear to my eye.

  • Woah, it almost make's me think of a 2D version of the latest Tomb Raider game's with the climbing and jumping to rope's and physic's, very well done game imo, it's too bad nowaday's mostly nextgen 3D game's get attention not these masterpieces.

  • Totally agree... these days I can hardly get excited about any game that comes out, but I can't wait to play Limbo. It's dripping with atmosphere... the animation is so smooth and flawless, everything connects perfectly, the character and environments blend together seemlessly. Love it.

  • btw there's more on the main page

    It show's a factory stage where the stage layout rotate's and affect's the environment with the rotation, totally awesome, I can't wait to play it.

  • It does look really good. Last I'd heard, it had been dropped. So I take it that isn't the case then? Awesome!

  • Wow, wow, wow...

    One word to describe what I can see: smoothness. Everywhere, in every detail, it's fantastic. Last time I got that excited about a 2D-game was when the original prince of persia came out for Macintosh...long time ago...

    The bad news: It seems, that this game is coming out for Xbox Live Arcade only ...

  • Wow, the animation is absolutely fantastic! This is something I will definitely have to check out. Why don't people make more games like this?

  • Meh, no 3D, weapons, ridiculous colors or boobies.

    Pst.: don't take me seriously.

  • Meh, no 3D, weapons, ridiculous colors or boobies.

    Pst.: don't take me seriously.


    Sad thing is, you just know there's a forum out there where a bunch of xbox users are complaining about those very things, and meaning it!

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  • Wow, I haven't seen anything about this in ages. I thought it was vaporware for sure. Glad to see it's still in production after all .

    btw there's more on the main page

    That video has been around for years now. I'm pretty sure it was just a mockup of the concept and doesn't contain any actual gameplay. But the new video looks pretty ace

  • Oh really, oh well I never knew this game up til discovering this topic anyway.

  • I was VERY surprised when his head got cut off and blood came gushing out. I thought this game would be rated E for sure.

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