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  • hi all. i got a small and simple text-to-speech program made with construct. i want to publish it and be seen in, etc, but im afraid coz i dont have a license file. can anyone help me make a license file? i want it to be freeware and say that i am not liable for damages... please help me, im only 14 and i dont know how to make a license file.

    if u want to view my super simple program, go please click here : and click KamSpeak

  • I think a better question is "Why would you want to publish this program?" I hate to be the one to crush your dreams, but nobody is going to use this. There are already a gazillion text-to-speech programs out there with more functionality (and less "thanks for using my program hehehe" popups), so why bother? One of the first things I made in Construct was a text-to-speech program, but I didn't even bother posting it to the forum because, as you said, "it's super simple." Just keep it to yourself and consider it practice in learning Construct.

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  • Making a license file is simple, just make a text file, call it license and put in whatever terms you want.

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