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  • Hello again!

    I was not sure where to post this, there is no sprite section....Anyway I have hit a snag in my development. You see I have a basic Idea of what I want for the first level or "tech demo" of my game. But one big problem...No Sprites!!! I downloaded two freeware sprite editors/makers (Grphaics Gale & Pixia) But must say it is sooo slow making sprites. It took me 3 1/2 hours to make a bookcase beacuse I had to draw it out, Scan it in and pixel over it. But it did come out very nice lol. But if it takes that long to make an object %^& forbid me making a moving one like a person. Or many-o-objects. So heres what I'm asking. Is there a Legal Sprite resource site? Once where the people did not rip from commercial games and pirate the sprites? I don't want to use those in my game as it will be freeware. So If any one knows please fill me in. I am sad to say it I have been having to use the YoYo Games forum resource site for sprites and music and stufff as there is no where else I found.

    Thanks for your time and help and sorry if this was the wrong section after all, my apologies.


  • There is no public domain sprite site that I know of.

    If you're serious about making your game as good as possible, don't use someone else's sprites. Do one of these:

    1. Take the time to practice spriting, and it'll eventually get faster and easier, and in the end you'll be able to be more proud of your project.

    2. Make your game with crappy temporary sprites and stick figures. Polish the gameplay as much as you can. Then show it around to some sprite art or game making forums (like this one) and ask if anyone is interested in collaborating with you. Do NOT ask around for artists help with a game that hasn't had some serious work put into it. There are a lot of sprite artists interested in working on projects, but nobody, ever, will offer their help unless they see your efforts first.

    A couple good places to start learning to sprite on your own would be



    There are tons of tutorials from everything on color palettes to optimizing your workflow, and people will always give you feedback on your work. Likewise, those would be good places to go when you get your game engine up and running smoothly if you want to solicit help.

    Protip: Become active in the forums wherever you go before you go pimping out your game looking for contributors. Most places will shun you if you show up and say "Hey, I'm looking for an artist" on your first post.

  • http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums ... _id=272386

    Thats something i found on gamedev... but yeah finding sprites is hard, and drawing them can be even harder...but if u draw them yourself you have complete control over how your game looks.

    If your just drawing static objects for your game i'd recommend getting gimp, find a photo of a bookshelf off the internet, and draw over the top of it on a new layer so it looks like a game graphic.

  • Thank you so much for the replys, I was un-aware that there was NO sprite resource site (legally anyway) I actually run a Game development site (FreewarePCGaming) As you might have gueesed we host everthing freeware to do with gameing on the PC. So that means Freeware:


    Game Engines/Game Makers

    3D models



    3D Modeling and Animation software

    Even Emulators lol

    So I think what I'll do is be the first!!! I'll do what you guys said get a picture olf what I want then "paint" over it in say Gimp or Paint.NET, not a bad idea instead of drawing it myself. But I think I will host sprites on my website is what I'm getting at. So that literally you have every single tool to play games and make them of every gnere and kind of game play. Thanks for the ideas it means alot!!! Also your right i'll get better at say graphics gale or pixia it's just time like anything else right? thanks a bundle!!!

  • But I think I will host sprites on my website is what I'm getting at.

    Well, just don't put up any sprites that you haven't gotten permission from the creators.

    This is probably the major reason why there aren't any free sprite sites out there. That, and spriting is a lot of work. That work is usually being used for a specific project that the creators don't want being used in other things.

    Sure, every once in a while you'll come across someone who says "hey use these sprites for whatever you want." I guess if you hunt around you might be able to collect enough of those.

    But really, any semi-serious game designer isn't going to be using sprite packs anyway. There's quite a stigma against using pre-made sprites. Just browse around any board out there with free games, and you'll see folks getting flamed for the practice.

    And yes, things like RPG Maker and MMF have free sprite and tile packs that they give out, but nothing of any quality has ever been made with them. And be fore you say "but," I'll reiterate... not one single thing.

    If you're putting together a game resource site, I'd ditch posting links to pre-made content and concentrate on putting together a comprehensive list of tools and tutorials. But that's just me.

  • Hey,

    I wanted to clarify a few things before I run off and get obsessed with creating my game and don't post for awhile lol.

    Firstly when I said I will host sprites on my websites I meant I will host sprites I have made myself. Not ones other people have made. I need something on my site thats 100% me, if that makes seance. For example if I host other peoples 3D models and textures thats not my work but if I make the sprites...All of them that will be 100% me. Also you said that such a thing is not on the web. that would bring a unique role to my site. But you did say that it is frowned upon. I'll have to think about it.

    Also my site does not just host files anymore. Now that I am more expirenec in my Game Development I just installed a video codec on my website so I can have video titorials, I already have two for beginners in Anim8tor. I will also be adding tonight a PDF viewer so that you can view the tutorials I have made in PDF right from the site. So I will have tutorials. Also I do offer tools the whole point of this site was to have everything you need to make games and play them on the PC. Be it a classic mario game on an emulator or the Penumbra tech demo to making a game in Panda3D or Construct, whatever your flavor even Support with modeling/Animation/UV Mapping programs. And when I'm good enough Spriting.

    I'm sorry I know you didn't want a "but" ..here it is though. I had to defend my site lol it is my very first one, it's my baby. I take pride in it and my site means alot to me as my fiend is paying the web hosting for me so that I can learn Web Design. He thought the best way to learn would be to build my own site from the ground up myself, so I did

    Anyway nice chatting with ya and I look forward to your responce!

    P.S. I wasn't trying to sound hostile or negative or mean at all in that post sorry if I did. It was not intentional. I'm just trying to have a conversiation lol thats all.

  • Fisrt off I am sooo sorry for the double post but did not see a edit button anywhere. Please tell me where it is lol. Anyway....Can I get your opinion(s)? I have recently finished two sprites. A box and a bookcase. I have a hand drawn version and a sprited version. I want to know which to use. Is it ok to use hand drawn sprites? I think in a way it could bring a very unique aspect to the game, but also looks bad cause' I can't draw!!! I have in the mediafire link provided all four sprites. 2 of each object, hand drawn and sprited. Link:


    Please tell me your opinion and if my spriting is any good for a beginner. I am not looking for praise (beacuse there is none to give lol) but just advice is all. Thanks for your time, and these are things I could host on my site right, as I have made them myself 100% for my use and can decide what to do with them. Thanks again, you've been great, bye!!!


    Found the edit button lol but it won't show on the post I need it to....weird huh?

  • The edit button is only available for a certain amount of time after you make a post.

    Anyway, as for the art samples you posted...

    The bookshelf sprite is actually constructed very well. It's small, concise, and looks like what it's supposed to be. I would try a more muted palette on it though, the bright colors kind of look a little odd. Also, sprite art is as much about frugality as it is about pixels. Reduce the number of colors down a bit and play with fewer colors. Your sprites will look more cohesive. And you should never ever use jpg compression for small sprites though, it destroys them.

    As for the box sprite... well, it really isn't a sprite so much as it's a large drawing of a box.

    The other two, the drawn scans, they're not bad if it's a rough style you're going for. It's harder to judge them out of context though. It might be interesting to see an entire game made out of that style of art, but depending on how you go about it could mean the difference between genius and failure. There are plenty of good games out there with rough or crude art, but if it's done right it can add a certain charm to the game. Mainly when making game art, the trick to having it look good is to be rigorously consistent with the look of all your art assets, even if they're crummy.

  • deadeye,

    Thank you so much for the honest and sincere criticism. It means a-lot that you where able to say something constructive about the art and something to help it. I guess my first step will be to get rid of those colors lol, in the bookcase. The only reason I put them there was because I thought sprites are sooo small, and if the books where colorful then you could see them better. But if I apply that thinking to all my sprites then my game will be in Candyland. Also the box...It is rather simple isn't it? But think of it this way I did it in 20 mins with the drawing as reference and then spriting it, instead of 3 1/2 hours. So overall I'm ok with it. And I toattly agree that it can bring a realm of genius or disaster. We'll we will see lol. It will be my first public game so hopefully people will go easy on me. ohhh, one last thing....If jpeg is bad what do you suggest? If construct can load dds I guess that would be ideal huh? We'll cya around!!!!


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  • Use png for still images. It has lossless compression, so you won't get jpg artifacts. Use gif to show off animations, but be careful that you're exporting your gif with the exact palette you created.

    As for the rest, I recommend going to one of those forums and taking a look at tutorials and other people's work. Open up their work in Photoshop or Graphics Gale or whatever and zoom in on it. Study how it's constructed. Lurk around and read some threads so you can get a feeling for how the community works and you'll be okay.

    Oh, and heads up... never post an edit or recolor of an existing sprite on those boards, especially if you don't show the original. They will know immediately, and you'll be marked as a pariah. And if you make a sprite based on a photo or drawing, it's always a good idea to include the original for comparison. But generally it's a good idea to stick to original stuff, and don't be afraid of harsh feedback.

    Good luck

  • Thank you so much for the support!!! I will do just what you have suggested, and will get started on my spriting after I get back from a little treat lol. What I mean is the following, that probably made no seance, (A little treat) heres whats up. I have spent over $350 on Game engines, Modeling & Animation Software, Model & Texture Packs and online Tutorials + books. Now the whole reason I am doing that is because I love freeware. And I want to make a great freeware game for everyone to enjoy. (Many games infact) But not do that I have to spend some dough. I want to earn awards for my freeware Games and software. But $350 and I haven't even made the game yet? Thats crazy. So When I said a little treat I meant I'm going to spend some money on myself for once lol. I'm going out to buy myself a longboard skateboard. I haven't rode that in years. But what I am trying to say is that no one has ever encouraged me yet, in my freeware projects. (Only my parents lol) So It means alot that your giving me advice and telling me to go with it. Thank you so much. I really like these forums, they are amazing.

    Also I would never paint over someone elses work unless they asked me to!!! Thats stealing!!! So don't worry about me there. I don't do crap like torrents or steal other peopls art work. Thats horrible.

    Anyway thaks again for your kind words and having someone besides "mom" saying "heres the good, heres the bad, keep going!" It makes me feel good!!! lol cya around and good luck with your projects!!! Bye!!!


  • I have spent over $350 on Game engines, Modeling & Animation Software, Model & Texture Packs and online Tutorials + books. Now the whole reason I am doing that is because I love freeware. And I want to make a great freeware game for everyone to enjoy. (Many games infact) But not do that I have to spend some dough. I want to earn awards for my freeware Games and software. But $350 and I haven't even made the game yet? Thats crazy.

    Hrm... just don't turn into this guy:

    http://forums.somethingawful.com/showth ... perpage=40

    He spent over $1000 on software and ended up making the crappiest game in the history of the world. The Demon Rush is destined to go down as one of the greatest failures of all time.

    And honestly, there are tons and tons of free tools out there that you can make a game with. You don't need to spend a cent. No amount of money will make your game good. The only thing that will is time, dedication, practice, and a lot of hard work.

    Just remember that there are no shortcuts to making a good game. Even with frameworks like Construct or MMF or even XNA... if you don't put the time and effort in your game will be a steaming pile of donkey puke.



  • Hey,

    I Spent alot of that money on the 3D Game Studio A7 Engine. (commercial version) check out this youtube video and see what the engine can do graphically:

    Thats all 3DGS A7-C with Boh_Havoc's "Shade-C" shader frame work. It looks amazing in my opinion. So thats why all the money spent lol then another $150 on commercial quality 3D modeling and Animation Programs such as Milkshape 3D, Character FX and many more. But I do use many freeware tools as well, such as construct. And I expect my first few games or first ten to be crap thats why I haven't released any to the public yet lol, so they see my "first game" and it will actually be good. I thought that was clever hehe. I just might spend $1000 when I'm done including content for my site and stuff like that but I will not produce crap in the end, no worries there mate. I love my games with a passion that can not be broken and I want the best for them, if that makes seance, so I will not amke a crap game and show it to the world. If I feal it is good I will hsare, but any flaws then to hell with it!!! lol


  • I dont think it matters if you pay money for game making software, as long as you have some fun and get some use out of it, it doesnt matter if what you create is awesome or not. And there's a great feeling when you share your creation with other people and you see their responses!

    Oh and that video is very pretty!

  • I didn't mean that you shouldn't use whatever software you want, or spend whatever money you want. My only point was that the most important ingredient to making a good game is effort. That's all.

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