Lazyloading on Ejecta, post 1.5 only?

  • Just to confirm with someone knowledgeable...

    Stable Ejecta release doesn't support lazyloading on testing or export, but the newest unstable build of ejecta (post 1.5) does right?

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  • I'm not sure - I think it's only the latest source (off github) and it didn't make 1.5. Hopefully it will make 1.6.

  • what 1.6 will include ?

  • matrixreal Lazyloading, not loading EVERYTHING in the project in the first start of the app on Ejecta

    Ashley That's good news Ashley, I thought I fucked up something. I'm going to use the BETA Ejecta to publish our BETA of the game, but later on I will use the final release if it's out in 2 months thanks

  • Ejecta 1.5 is bad for webgl and canvas 2d

    i have tested it much times and i hope 1.6 will be released soon

  • matrixreal Why is it bad? My game runs great, apart from the physics simulation which CocoonJS does better. But it's not essential.

    On Ejecta, it starts faster, runs smoother overall, with better memory management, and it makes puppies all around the world happier... I call that a win

  • i dont know

    maybe i don' t use c2 as well ... but believe me my game is simple ... and i see difference between iphone 4 and 4s using ejecta

    i have trying all issues ... enable collisions only when it is necessaire , families, event group, avoiding every tick, using spritefont for score, and all performance tips on tutorial for c2 (optimize image size as it is used on game,avoid transparent,avoid clear background to no etc....).... i get some result .... but still same

    on xcode

    cpu usage is 80%

    memory usage is 86 mb

    fsp is between 37 and 42

  • and i prefer to loading every thing at first layout

    maybe take time on lunching the game but after game will run faster

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