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  • Presented without comment......

  • That's the date for the final formal specification, which is a document. HTML5 has always been developed in tandem with browser makers who add features as they go. With IE9, all major browsers will have canvas support regardless of the formal specification status. So the web can be using it all through that time.

    It's possible the HTML5 spec will change before then, but it's unlikely to be a serious "breaking change" - and even if it is, we only need to tweak our javascript runtime to fix it. It's nothing for end-users to worry about, I don't think.

  • The one thing that article illustrates is the beurocracy involved in developing HTML5, it's political and nothing you should be worried about. The beginning of the article was a bit of a scare monger but it's not going to affect end users much at all.

  • Yup, it's the official date. It's only key for big companies and their campaigns (specifically this strikes Jobs). HTML5 is a standard that has been developed for quite a while and I'm not afraid of any critical changes.

    I'm hoping that at the stage of Cons2 usefulness common browsers will support Canvas. If not, then the history with Cons1 downloading DirectX/VisualC++ redist. will become Scirra trademark ;-).

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  • I think you missed the part where it was explained that C2's going to have an openGL exe runtime, and was built to make it easy for people to write exporters.

  • Open letter actually confused me on that part, because Cons2 now allows only HTML5 project. It's good news that there's no more VisualC++ runtime needed.

  • C2 is still very early, it doesn't even have animations yet. More exporters will be made later.

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