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  • Hi folks, I've been thinking in a new way to use Construct 2 with people you want to work. I would not create a topic without any purpose, so please, read until the end.

    One thing Construct must have to take the lead it's the shared Workspace, 2, or more, people working in the same project, testing and making without the need to pass the Save of your project. It would be a LAN workspace (because I think it's simplies, and Hamachi it's always there), and everything would be the same.

    For example, 2 people could work, one of them working in the first Layout, making the introduction, and testing, and the second one, working in the Game itself, the Game could only be completely tested when both of them stop making changes in it, besides, you can preview Layout per Layour like now.

    I've been working through multiplayer and it's actually simple, and no, absolutelly not, wasting of time, imagine the possibilities, the people who would buy it just to make a Game with a friend.

    And you, do you think it's going to work? Or it's to far away from it? Share your ideas!

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