Do you know any free tool to patch my game?

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  • Hey!

    I am currently working on an online Game and want the player to always have the newest version. I already added a version check via AJAX, so that the game compares the current game version with the content of a text file I uploaded. (which I just need to edit).

    The game also gives the player a direct link to my page to download the new version... but that's not the most elegant way of doing it.

    Do you know of any tool, that can patch a game? E.g. Steam and Play Store can do it, but I don't want to invest 100€ to Steam right now.

    What I could imagine: The player downloads the patcher program, which is directly combined with my game. The patcher is connected via GitHub and automatically updates the player's game data, without him needing to log in to anywhere.

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