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  • I'm studying Python and other day I saw a discussion about Kivy. Anyone knows Kivy? Is worth it to use Kivy to create games for mobiles? Is the final result better than html5 games (more fast/more clean)? What's the real difference between them? Sorry about all theses questions, but I intend to study Kivy in parallel with Python.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Nobody?

  • I've seen it, even installed and messed with it a little. I never made anything with it though.

    It's the only python game library that can make mobile games last I checked. Their docs have steps to do the exports and it comes with examples so I'd say export an example and see how it performs.

  • Hi

    Nice to see you again. It would be great if you, with your knowledge, could test the Kivy. I would like to know if the end result would be better (or much better) in comparison to the games developed in HTML5, to see whether it is worth investing in Kivy (a long way) or it is better to continue with the C2.

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  • Well, you'd have to do more to make your game with it. C2 has a lot of things already setup for you, whereas kivy leaves that up to you.

    Whether or not the end result is faster really depends on you. Python can be slower than JavaScript, but then again it's easier to use c or something for the time critical parts if needed. Also since you'll be writing more code to setup how your game works you'll have to make more decisions that can impact performance.

    As far as size, the resulting program file size would probably smaller I'd imagine.

  • R0J0hound

    I understand that I've to work much more in Kivy than C2 for to do the same thing. But Kivy is relatively new and I believe the Kivy is promising and if it becomes more popular, will appear more modules to make the process more easy.

    Thank you so much for your time.

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