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  • Very excited! Just had my Kickstarter accepted, and it's live!

    Kickstarter Link

    Made using Construct 2, 3D Studio Max, and Photoshop. I've been working on it for about 3 months or so, and it's been a lot of fun!

    Happy to answer any questions, and I hope you'll support it! You get the full game for just �1 (the price of a Starbucks coffee), so hopefully I'll have some interest. The final game will be at least �2.

    Thanks guys! Hope you like what you see!

  • The idea is really good! I really don't think you should've kickstarted it though.. you could sell your game idea in this website:

    Or even release it by yourself using free-to-use commercially sfx and music.

    Anyway, good luck!

  • Ah, one of those cannon shooters, but with a twist: it is a serial cannon shooter!

    You won't need just the sound pro, however... get some professional graphics done as well! That won't come cheap, either, though... But it goes a long way with the target audience.

  • andreyin

    Thanks.I decided to go with Kickstarter because it also acts as advertising and pre ordering. Never heard of fgl before though.


    You don't like the look of the graphics? That's a shame. I was quite pleased with them. Of course, if I could hire a 2D designer, that would be brilliant. I much prefer the programming side of game development.

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  • I think what Mipey is trying to say is that on the mobile platforms, customers are obsessed with graphical polish. While this game has some good aesthetics, the professional level of graphical polish isn't there at the moment, and that may hurt sales on these very difficult platforms.

  • Indeed. Thank you, sqiddster.

  • Thanks sqiddster & Mipey

    Anybody know of an artist that can polish up my game?

  • congratulations on it being on kickstarter, hope you reach your target.. thought the presentation was very good.. with all the focus being on the game..

    There are quite a few artist on here; usually they advertise themselves in the tools/ resources or help wanted..

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