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  • I couldn't get C2 to look propperly as a Navigation Bar on my Website.

    So now I am learning a .js and a bit jQuery.

    I Kinda just ripped an existing script and now I am trying to make it work for me:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script>

    <script type="text/javascript">






                $('.animateme').html('<img src="Construct2/Images/Gnoll_Running.gif" />');       


                   left: '+=150',

                }, 800, function() {

                   $('.animateme').html('<img src="Construct2/Images/Gnoll_Hit.gif" />')


                        $('.animateme') .html('<img src="Construct2/Images/Gnoll_Resting_smaller.gif" />');




            }, function(){

                $('.animateme').html('<img src="Construct2/Images/Gnoll_Running_left.gif" />');


                   left: '-=500',

                }, 2200, function() {

                   $('.animateme').html('<img src="Construct2/Images/Gnoll_Resting_smaller.gif" />');







    The script makes the "Gnoll" Move

    But the

    $('.animateme').html('<img src="Construct2/Images/Gnoll_Hit.gif" />')

    Is supposed to come before the "Resting" Animation...

    .delay(2000) didn't work for me.

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  • vailla-guides.com for the tiny animation

  • The Scirra forums is not the best place to ask programming questions. Can I recommend StackOverflow?

  • Already posted there :p

    Just doubling my chances lol.. sorry^^

  • OK, closing this thread - best take it up on StackOverflow.

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