JavaScript is not a Worthy Competitor!

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  • So I know this article is a bit old by now, but it still made me smile because it looked so fanboyish..

    So one of the things he said was that Actionscript beats the V8 by around 3x speed and that JavaScript cant handle much because it has to be compiled at runtime.

    The article did rustle my jimmies a little though.. Personally I love the web, no plugins and access from as many platforms as possible, which is why I think JavaScript is great.

    But I wont disagree that as a scripting language it is slower, hopefully the it will get updated and Hardware will keep getting more powerful!

    He finishes with:

    So, let us stop worrying about JavaScript, and aim higher. As we focus on gaming, ActionScript programs will require significantly better optimizations for performance. ActionScript has just the right DNA mix for success, and it will become the 21st century language it could always be.

    But anyways, lets beat this Horse! I think I saw it twitching.

    I want to hear your opinions on his article and -if there are any- examples of Good looking 3D flash?

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  • Did you see our blog post where Javascript could just about beat our old native C++ engine?

    This type of article is usually aimed at coders who have to worry about things like how difficult it is to write code; if you write Javascript very carefully, it can be extremely fast. We've already done all the hard work for Construct 2, so our users don't need to worry about it.

  • Flash fanbois

    They never realize why Flash can't run on mobiles and are unstable on mac and linux.

  • Schoening : Flash is still going to have a few years of headstart against Javascript, and is going to do things on mobile that aren't allowed for Javascript (for example, on iOS a Flash app can access microphone/camera, and so on...).

    The good thing is that any app coded today in Javascript is going to benefit from any advances on JS engines made in the future.

    And we'll get Ahead Of Time compilation baked in the browsers JS engine soon, it's the natural move.

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  • Btw thw why Ashley, thanks for that :D

    I also caught your article in some HTML5 magazine. Great article.

  • Ashley

    Yeah I did see it, its awesome.


    I definitely agree that JavaScript has a long way to go, but that is exiting!

    To each his own I guess, but JavaScript is just so simple and yet versatile !

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