A JAVA Voxel Engine (like a 3d version of Construct2!)

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  • A while ago I started a project of my own voxel engine. Like all the other voxel (not minecraft) engines, with flat-shading.

    But lately I decided to make a unique type of voxel engine. Treating voxel images and space not as polygon meshes, but as in the same way images are treated in.... Photoshop or editing softwares, or in Construct3. Using eventing you can move them around, rotate, stretch.

    You can rotate, translate, stretch...

    And for lighting you can apply normal maps and such. There will be effects similar to WebGL and everything 2d pixels can do!

    It's extremely easier to use than normal 3d engines, even if you want to make a game that moves only on two axis (dungeon crawler, RPG)

    It will even support 3d tilemaps. So you can add models to the blocks and make a minecraft-like, or a 3d tile RPG game.

    If you're intersted in my "image voxels", of with voxels in general, you can join my Discord community. It's pretty empty right now, but we can make it grow.


    (BTW, I want a cool name, pls help)

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