iPhone 6 and 6 Plus benchmarks

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  • It's of course the benchmarks that are centered around browser tests, which are the most important and interesting to us; take a look at the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus scores:

    http://www.gsmarena.com/apple_iphone_6_ ... 1142p5.php

    The browser tests are the 2 tests at the bottom.

    What is missing is the iPhone 5 with iOS 8; the one in the link uses iOS 7 - but I tested my iPhone 5 with iOS 8.0.2, to 12424 in the Kraken 1.1 test (using Safari), which is a nice improvement over the 14.171 for iOS 7 on the same device (lower is better), but still very far from the stellar performance of the new iPhone 6 devices.

    So; I'm using my iPhone 5 as a test platform right now, as it marks the slowest performance people in general will encounter. Of course there are still a lot of 4s and 4 devices around, but as time goes by, they become more rare - and we can trust that an iPhone 5-ish performance, even for lowend smartphones, is indeed possible for us to aim for.

    * It's worth noting that running the Kraken 1.1 on the latest Chrome for iOS (8.0.2), resulted in a freeze. o_O

  • in iphone 6+ landscape mode game is hiding by address bar. Any one can help me.

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  • suji - I think the best solution is to create a direct shortcut, so it's executed as a web app...

    In Safari:

    • Tap the square box with the arrow going up
    • In the bottom row of icons, scroll right and choose "More"
    • choose "Add to Home Screen"

    An icon will be created on your home screen. When you open through that, the address bar will be gone.

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