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  • So I bet a lot of you have already heard of this, but I just discovered it and thought I'd share.

    Indie Game: The Movie

    Looks like a good watch, and the guys who are working on the awesome looking Castle Story seem to like it.

    I'll be watching it one of these days myself. Anyone seen it?

  • Anyone seen it?

    I won a copy as a prize in the latest Construct 2 competition. (Other prizewinners won a copy, too.) An inspired choice of prize!

    It's a must-see - all the agony and ecstasy of indie game development are brilliantly captured.]

  • Ive seen and its a great movie 10/10 from me.

  • That movie makes me remember why i make games...

  • I personally thought it was terrible.

  • I'm in the credits :3

  • Most of the people in it seem whiny and depressing.

  • I thought it was an awesome movie. It was definitely not what I was expecting though. It should have been called "The other side of Indie Games".

    You really get deep insight to the amount of isolation and stress involved when you start to take things seriously.

    I felt paticularly bad for the FEZ dev. Without posting any spoilers, they really caught this guy at a bad time - he almost seems nutty because he is so on edge.

  • I't not a movie about Indie game developers. It's more like "How Fez and Super Meet boy gets famous". To be honest it's the crappiest documentary about game making (indie or not) I've seen.

  • Haha, love the stark contrast of opinions. I'll throw my two cents into the pile after I get a chance to see it.

  • I thought it was good for what it did. It didn't touch on game development as much as I would have liked, but I think that would have made it pretty inaccessible to a lot of people.

    I also kind of found the Braid guy detracted from the movie for me. The other game developers all had a story arc, and this guys game had already been released, he seemed like kind of an asshole, and some of the stuff he was saying just seemed really pretentious. I would have hoped for a more intimate movie about indie games wouldn't give me that impression at all.

    Other than that I thought it was really quite entertaining. Would recommend it.

  • I did not know this existed! Thank you for informing us! I can't wait to watch it!

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  • I just noticed this movie is available for Instant Streaming on Netflix, for those that have Netflix! You can watch it now if you do.

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