Indie Game Competition for Ten Grand plus Publication!

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  • I got this at GDC: "2-Bee Games" is hosting a game developers contest up to 4/15/09 for a one level demo of any genre of game, as long as the file size is 250mb or under. The grand prize is 10 grand plus "a publishing deal for your game to a major console." They pefer games be submitted in flash or XNA formats, but it sounded like they could be a bit flexable on that as long as you provide all the necessary package instillations for your game. Here's the main site:

  • Looks interesting. I can't find anything about foreign submissions, though; they seem to be based on US, there is nothing written about say European, Australian, Asian or Antarctican developers. I have sent an e-mail to them inquiring about that. I'll drop a line here should they reply!

    I am kinda intrigued. One level demo, hmm...

  • This looks like it could be a scam

    [quote:3il4m9v4]Grant of Rights: By submitting content to the Site, you grant to Zoo Games, and its successors in business and assigns, a perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, distribute, modify, edit, display, adapt, create derivative works from and market and promote the content, for any commercial purposes, and in any medium now existing or hereinafter developed, and to use your name, likeness, voice, performance, and any personal information you submit with or contained within the content, without your prior approval or the payment of any compensation and without notice. You also grant each user of the Site a non-exclusive license to access your content as permitted through the functionality of the Site and under these Terms.

    You have to give all your rights to these guys when you enter. It seems like they can just rip apart your games and Ideas and steal them.

  • Haha wow, those are some dodgy terms.

    It's justified by the prize though I guess.

  • Thats if there is a prize. That is just for submitting stuff to their site not even the compo.

  • Indeed, I'd be wary of it, though the prize may very well be real.

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  • There's a lengthy discussion here -

  • There is a difference between video games and company logo designs, you know... Video games still retain their value - you can still publish them or enter into other competitions if you aren't chosen.

  • Your right, this is actually much worse. Your supplying them a product, that they can exploit whether you win or not. In return you receive nothing for your time, other than the slight chance that you may receive some publicity. That chance goes down considerably when these so called "competition's" are not judged by the public.

    On the other hand they get to pic and choose what they want to publicize, as well as reap the benefits of the publicity.

    Its still speculative work, and extremely unfair.

    Oh I forgot, you do get something, you get to say you entered the competition, but if you don't win, is that really going to help you?

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