does imac ppc g3 have anything like contruct?

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  • Hi ive recently managed to blow my dual core 3.2 gig, 4 gig ram pc up and im now on an old 600mhz imac g3, 513 mb.

    Its all so alien to me and of course i cannot spend the hours and hours i have been putting into my beloved contruct 2 :(

    can anyone suggest anything similar and as "visual" as contruct, that would run on this beautiful p.o.s. that im on :P

    currently ive decided to crack open an amstrad cpc emulator and learn some basic while i this will all work out cool in the end, and ill have alot stronger understanding of variables and arrays ect.

    also, any games that would work on here..deus ex kind of era, i cant find a thing...its like this thing just fell from space.

    btw i love stuff like systemshock 1/2

    planescape: torment, fallout, age of empires....

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  • well, you have gamesalad and corona, but they pale compared to construct 2

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