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  • Hello.

    I thoought maybe a hello topic is valid. Well, I've been using rpg maker years already, and on a forum(GamingWorld.net maybe I'm not too sure) someone mentioned about this maker. Now, I really am amazed by this maker, it has lots of power and scripting abilities is always a plus. The interface also resembles C# or VB making it like chicken feeding to get the hang of the environment. But I wonder why this is not so popular, I'm not sure, but I don't hear of this when it comes to game maker programs discussions. Anyway, I'm glad to be here, probably, I'll develop a good game with this.

    I have questions thoguh, I read in a topic that the program remains free up to v1.0, but will it stay free forever?

    Can you sell your games?

  • Essentially this is still a beta product; we have not been advertising it or even on the internet for more than a few months

    Construct will always be free, as Ashley has said; you can sell your games royalty free.

    Have fun and good luck

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  • Welcome to the Construct community, hero_bash!

    Yeah, most of the traffic we get seems to be from Stumble and other link sharing systems. The project is very, very young, and for now this sort of word-of-mouth is preferable to costly advertisements. Also, another side effect to this is the people here are of the type that passionately analyze and debug the thing instead of spamming the forum with 'why beta crash on meh u guys suxx0rz!' Seriously, in the 3 or so weeks I've been here I've seen the fastest development and feature buildup of any project I can remember being part of.

    So yeah, keep lots of backups and feel free to join in as everyone comes together to make sure the v1.0 is the best it can be. Please be sure to show us what you come up with as well.

  • welcome to the forums!

    we now have a "Clickteam guy" and an "RPG Maker guy"! XD

  • next up "Game Maker guy" XDDDD

  • next up "Game Maker guy" XDDDD

    they're like collectors items!!! BAHAHA

  • HAahahaHA!

    Nice one

    Welcome to the forums Hero... hope you like Construct as much as we do, and if we can be of any help we are always glad to lend a hand! Look forward to seeing what you come up with using Construct!



  • > next up "Game Maker guy" XDDDD


    they're like collectors items!!! BAHAHA


    RPG maker man what a beaver of a program! It takes foooorever to make a game with that! And adding your own animations...pssh forget it! I had the RPG maker for PSone, it was really lame. But hey, welcome toilet hero!

  • Hey wait... isnt j0h a game maker guy?

  • Yeah... wanna trade a jOh?

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