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  • 1 game mechanic is now working, but i don't know how. It was trial and error.

    Sometimes it didn't work, but the last times I checked: it worked!

    Pfew... sweating

    Hoping it won't break and won't work

    coz I don't know how to fix it


    Anyone ever had this same bad situation? ^^

  • Yea, you might not want to rely on that. You will just build on your errors, and it could get out of hand if the game gets big... As you add more to the code. Go back and check everything and try to figure out why it "works" or doesn't. And yes, I've had this situation, but I try to fix it right away.

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  • Personally, I think it's infinitely better to understand why something works and learn from that, than to get something functioning by trial and error and leave it. You'll be far more efficient in future if you understand how things work - if something breaks you'll probably know why, rather than going back to random changes.

  • Yes. I know, Davioware and Ashley.

    I tried to make progress.

    Sometimes learning something doesn't feel like progress, at the end of the day, when certain things still don't work.

    I know however that the best thing is to do what you both suggested.

    But that was also less spectacular to post

    Today is a 1 new day, so let's go back to that strange (but simple) mechanism and see why it sometimes doesn't work

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