IE11 supports WebGL - Confirmed

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  • Here is the sessions list at the BUILD event happens today.

    Taken from the list:

    4-072     Hyper-fast Web graphics with WebGL     Learn how to create sites that provide 3D graphic experiences for IE11.

  • ooh... <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I'll be at the webgl too!

  • So I talked to one of the product managers of IE, the guy who was running the WebGL talk.

    WebGL is being baked into windows at a low level. Couple of things.

    1) WebGL is not native, they are doing a translation from WebGL -> DirectX11 on the fly. No perf hit because WebGL is so simple.

    2) All versions of IE11 will be enabled for WebGL, tablets, etc

    3) When asked, "Native apps that use the browser control, will they have access to this?" Answer: "any javascript rendered though the os will be enable for webgl", not sure if that was the answer i wanted, but take it as you will.

    Also, it seemed pretty clear they are using three.js as the base for the api. So, they will support WebGL calls that three.js calls first.

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  • The cynic in me wants the think its just some ploy to make users update to 8.

    Id love to be proven wrong. I've gotten quite used to it hanging around here.

  • With Microsoft, their strategy is: Put it for their "User wanted" platform, wait a bit and see how people react, then appease the audience.

    It's the reason why they made 7, why they supported XP longer than intended. Every decision was made calculatingly like this. (Like, as many comics stated recently: Subterran Lizardmen).

    So as long as people stay off Win 8 for the majority, it'll come to Win7. Last time the update was only a couple months difference.

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