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  • You have an idea for a game ? Here's why nobody cares.

    Blog article on Gamasutra by Adrian Chmielarz

  • Hmm I would have guessed it would have gone a bit more how I think of such things: Your idea is worthless without execution. Good ideas are EXTREMELY common. Great ideas are a dime a dozen. Fantastic execution--that's the rarity and what is actually important.

    It is also a little insulting, I suppose. The assumption that someone doing games all the time actually needs another thing to throw on the burner or that they really have the time to devote to someone else's mal-formed plan. Or, worse, that you think I'm incapable of coming up with an idea or that I don't have enough already.

    Hmm maybe I do agree with the article writer.

  • Articles like this are why I find Gamasutra essentially useless. There wasn't a damn substantive thing in that mess, it was a rant from someone who's angry for really no reason

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  • Yanen I think the writer has got to the point where he is extremely frustrated by the amount of "idea-guys" that take game development lightly, and I can relate to that.

    I've got a number of requests like this since I started offering a freelance art service. One particular example was a guy who went to the trouble of GUESSING my Skype handle and adding me there so he could talk to me. He was extremely young, had no coding skills, no means to pay me, and I was the only person other than him that would be on the team.

    Of course I said no.

    Contrast this with the latest request I got, and that I have accepted; The guy emailed me extremely professionally, laid out his game proposal and provided a working prototype that had all of the core mechanics included, all coded by him. I took the work because he had something tangible to show me, and that was a guarantee to me that he was invested in the game concept.

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