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  • Hi guys,

    Just wanted to mention this here as something I stumbled upon over at Sourceforge.

    <img src="" border="0">

    PWCT seems to be a development environment that operates under the same premise as Construct, only it's for general use rather than specifically for games.

    I gave it a quick run-through and was able to chuck together a simple Hello World app in just a minute. Seems like it's incredibly promising as a method of building apps, just like Construct is for games. :)



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  • Hmm. Doesn't seem to me to have the user-friendliness and elegance of Construct 2. These generalist non-procedural code-generating IDEs have come and gone over the years, but, except in limited ranges of applications, haven't proved to be up to the job of creating industrial-strength software.

  • Besides, doesn't seem to be all that recent...

  • You're right Velojet, it definitely doesn't have the user-friendliness of Construct, I just thought it was interesting it used an event-sheet type of method for programming.

    And I believe you're right too Mipey, I didn't notice the dates on it, though I don't think 2008 is really too dated.

    I also didn't realize there were other IDEs or IDE enhancements that work somewhat similarly. Looks like there's quite a few!

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