icloud got hacked!

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  • I assume most of you have already heard about it, but for those who still have no idea;


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  • I'm the local radio's go-to guest for anything even slightly tech related, heading there to talk about 'Safety in the Cloud' now.

    My view on it - the cloud (any upload or storage system included in my general term) is essentially the internet, you put something on it you have to take responsibility for it yourself. If you don't ever want to run the risk of it being shared online, don't put it online.

  • I don't think there is any conclusive evidence that any of these services were "hacked" in the sense they had security problems that were exploited to gain access to the accounts. I think it is far more likely that it was either phishing or just really dedicated snooping/detective work to find out account names, then brute forcing them with common password lists, or something else relatively non-tech along those lines.

    Many people have very poor password security practices, and share the same passwords over multiple sites, or use weak or commonly chosen passwords. This makes your accounts much easier to hack. I strongly recommend using a password manager like KeePass. It makes it easy to have very strong un-guessable passwords for each account you have, while only needing to remember one password.

  • I've never heard KeePass recommended by anyone I know actually uses it so have always been hesitant to try it.

    I try keeping different passwords but forget them that often that I've reverted to a few combos of a few passwords which is probably as unsafe as one password everywhere.

    I'll check KeePass out this evening, that for the recommendation.

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