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  • I have been using Firefox for quite a while. Like usually when the browser starts to give me headaches, it is a sign I need to switch.

    the headache this time has been a peculiar one. I cant play certain games. I am talking about games made in Construct 2. So I did some research what browser suits me the most for playng and testing html5 based programs/games.

    I found this site and it pretty much tells the whole story. So in order to test what browser suits me the most, I downloaded 3 most popular one`s which are used on Windows based desktops.

    Ran the the test and I am here to share my results, so you dont have to do it on those three, but you may on your own will.

    Firefox- 444 out of 555

    Chrome- 505 out of 555

    Internet Explorer- 369 out of 555

    Link to test:

    Edit: Those versions of browsers are the latest available today, which I updated or downloaded.

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