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  • Hello <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    Well i'm really excited about this. Let me first explain why I have created HTML5er. Well one reason being is the lack of places to show off your new HTML5 games. There's lots of places for flash games but not HTML5 games. The biggest reason is monetizing your games!

    HTML5er allows you to monetize your game, you will get paid for every play on your game, not only that but unlike places like Kongregate you will earn 100% of it.

    Not only that i have chose to use to monetize your games. Due to the fact it is very simple for you to get setup with them and start earning from the word go. Also they pay automatically every month which is even better. Power to the people!

    Now there is a lot to do with the site yet, I've worked solidly to get the site ready and you have to keep in mind there's a lot more to integrate. Also the site is completely made from scratch, it's not driven by any back-end's like wordpress or any other CMS. So if you have any suggestions please let me know. At the moment you must host your games on your own hosting and it is then embedded into the site using an iFrame (the same way kongregate works). Building your game for kongregate in construct 2 will be the best way.

    In the future i hope to actually allow you to host your games on HTML5er but at the moment that is a tricky job and I have a lot more to do before that.

    The site isn't officially released and marketed yet but I wanted to give you all the opportunity to get your games out on HTML5er first!

    If you have any problems, see any mistakes or want anymore information please let me know here. PM me or reply on this thread.


  • Could be interesting, I will take a look at it soon :)

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  • Thanks! It's going to be very interesting! especially seeing what people earn through html5er.

  • I'm not a fan of the adfly ads

    but, I suppose it is better than a 30 second video ad that many of the other game websites use, only difference is adblockplus blocks many of those damn things.

  • They are not the best, but they seem to be the best for this situation. By integrating ad's from other networks such as adsense would be against adsense's policy. Remember these ad's are for the developers to earn from their hard work. Adsense doesn't allow for multiple accounts to be earning from the same website. Other ad networks which are less lenient are also less well known so the fill rates are not always so good and in a lot of cases they ask for tax information. As well as a lot more information. on the other hand only ask for an email and password.

    remember the idea is an arcade you earn 100% from your game. Actually if it wasn't for and their lenient approach, the idea wouldn't have worked.

    If things go well we can look into different ways to monetize the games. At the moment though a 5 second wait to play a game isn't bad. Also you are only prompted with the ad's when you go to play a game, the rest of the site hasn't any. So searching through looking for a game is uninterrupted.

    As a final note, any ad blockers that try to get around the ad's won't actually be able to play the game. You won't ever be able to access any game's page's until you view the ad first. This makes's sure every player contributes to the developers earnings.

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