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  • Hey

    Their is alot of debate about HTML5 is the future or it is still young or it will kill Flash but the reality to me now is that It's a GateCrasher. What do I mean here. You all know the habit of a GateCrasher; wants more food, complains about why is their no meat in his/her plate, where is the juice/soda/beer/whisky and they usually tend to come many than the intended Guests. If they come often they will be promoted to Guest. That said, HTML5 behaves just that way right now.

    Uh!, Ooh!, Confused, **#**, or your not getting anything what I am saying. Relax and give me time to explain a bit what I'm bubbling.

    If I compare:

    The plate as the browser.

    Wants more food --- is what is spanning lots of browser related technologies ie WebGL, JavaScript, Web Sockets, GLSL, Web Audio, NaCl, Canvas, DOM, CSS3 and more.

    No meat or where is the beer --- this is where companies are not binding by the rule/browser related technologies of HTML5 and this is starts Browser Wars.

    Tend to come many than the intended Guests --- Yes many HTML5 frameworks IDE/Widgets/Scripts are cropping up and this will give a run for the money for the native mobile(Apple, Blackberry, Android, Windows) / PC(Netbeans, Visual Studio, C++, Phython) framework. They have come to spoil the party.

    Be promoted to Guest --- Big IT Companies are embrasing it from Facebook, Google, Adobe, Windows, Apple, Blackberry, IBM and so on. Oh! almost forgot Scrira. Reason being if they can't beat it join or the maybe they will lack behind in technology.

    To sum up, HTML5 will be a programing language and a platform on itself that one needs to write once and it will run anywhere from PC, Tablets, Phones. It will also introduce and emphasis the aspect of cloud/virtual OS both in PC and Phones that one can access anywhere anytime. Facebook ie Facebook HTML5 App Store and Google ie Chrome Os are really trying hard to push for this one.

    In short many native mobile OS and native phone/Pc Apps like Flash will die to pave for the GateCrasher and the future of web is bright thanks to it. Better learn it.

    Any Comments, Questions, Suggestions, Additions and Subractions are welcomed cause this are my own perspective about HTML5.

    Thank You


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    • More like HTML5 is the recently divorced middle aged father, that instead of buying the red sports car, and leaving town for the weekend, to let the kids friends tear the place apart with a frat party, decided to host a party of his own.

      Now the father really hates the DJ the kids normally hire(DJ Flash), especially since Mr Flash Adobe always has a cover charge, so he decides to bring in his old friends from college, Javascript, and Svg, who have a performance group called Canvas.

      Of course the kids and their friends aren't really sure what to expect, but hey, dad's giving out free beer, so they all come anyway.

    • Hehehe I was just laughing out but at the end the kids and friends go home happy and that becomes a revolution. From hence forth the DJ will never be hired.

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