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  • Hello Scirra community!

    I would like to pitch you a new idea to make our games looking more 'consoles' like.

    A client based on chrome to be installed on pc, mac or linux computers.

    The concept is pretty simple

    1) we develop a client based on chrome to be installed on computer. This client is basically a browser but without UI that connects to a server where our games are hosted. Our games will be designed to work full screen and possibly support a gamepad. The sense of this is to have a client that once you fire it up plays instantly Full Screen.

    2) Then is about to create a marketplace where our games are displayed and organized.

    I think this simple idea can mask well that html5 is (for now) just a stable browser technlogy and a proper place for gamers and indie programmers.

    What you guys think? Interested in helping me making this happen?

  • Ashley said somewhere that Node-webkit will be in the next beta release (fullscreen, uses chrome, gamepad support, opens like a normal game/application etc.)

  • Interesting, how could I help ?

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  • : that is a great news, and I am looking forward to see that feature.

    Though my idea is slightly different. Create a ''Virtual Game Center'' where gamers connect to and enjoy indie games without installing anything, thus getting quality experience, full screen games, possibly playing with a controller.

    Imagine a place where indie devs can just develop in html5 (without compiling issues or headache) and submit their game to a proper game platform (now html5 is still a web reality, your game runs surrounded of adds and unlikely full screen).

    : well on paper this project it s not THAT complicated to develop, what we need:

    1) someone that can develop on chromium, which is the open source version of chrome. We basically need a UI-less chrome browser, that opens full screen and connect to our server.

    2) the rest is pretty much about web design.

    there are lot of ways to help, like creating a buzz around the project, coding yourself, posting ideas etc....

    I already posted on chromium google group, but havent gotten any reply yet.

  • First I can develop a bit on chromium and I learn very fast ;)

    Also I think I?m a well Web Designer.

    My English isn?t the best, so I normally don't work with Native Speaker but this project Sounds very Interesting.. Could you send me a Pm with your Email so we cant talk about some facts ?

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