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  • Hi guys,

    Don't want to start a "flash is dying" discussions however i am wondering if HTML5 ad banners will be kind of good market soon. So i will try to create couple of templates & make some tailor made ad banners if demanded. Problem is i don't have any idea about "what to consider" while making ads. I am not talking about simple stuffs like ad sizes or similar known issues.

    For example should i find a way to keep some numbers about how many times an ad seen or clicked etc. or all those things will taken care by some other plugins in websites? Or some other stuffs which i can't imagine now.

    If any one have some technical tips and tricks i would like to hear.

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  • ..or there is Google Web Designer for example. Will be there any benefits except it's free if we compare with C2?

  • I'm guessing C2 would not be ideal for that given how large the runtime is. You would probably be better off with a smaller framework.

    But...I am just making a partially educated guess.

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