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  • Got a few questions about web hosting! Im looking at hostgator. First month is 1 cent so its pretty tempting, anyone know if this is a good site to use? I am going to be using it for iframes for my kongregate games

  • I use Hostgator and I am satisfied enough to have pre-paid for the next two years. :) Reliable servers, a ton of tools, support for everytging I want (including ftp and ssh), and when I sent in tickets I got responses within a few hours. It is all fairly clean, accessible and fast (they also do not put ads on your 404 pages, which is something that irked me when I had a site elsewhere). Plus they take PayPal and do not require you to have a card linked to it, like GoDaddy does.

    Note that stuff like ftp and ssh may not be included in the offer you mentioned. I think ftp only came with the Baby Gator plan and up. Might need to check if the offer you look at has everything you want. Haven't looked into that.

  • oh alright, without ftp I cannot put my game on there can I? :/

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  • Yes, you can. They have a built-in file manager and I think you can even drag and drop files. I just need FTP for some work stuff. :) Most people probably do not need it.

  • oh alright cool :)

  • Besides, you can change the plan on the fly anyway. I had a different one, needed some other feature and they simply switched me over and sent an invoice with the difference for the remaining time, so I didn't have to get something totally new and only paid the actual difference in price without any setup etc fees.

    You can probably find cheaper places, but yeah, I appreciate good support and flexibilty where I can actually get an issue resolved in a day and not a week. :)

  • I've heard a lot of positive things about HostGator!

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