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  • Hi all, I'm back lol (for those who remember me)

    Ok so I never really left, I just stopped posting for a while. I kinda had a break from Construct after numerous and constant attempts to try and sort out this isometric sorting problem I had, that could never really get resolved unfortunately. Man I wanna make an isometric game...

    How are you all? There are some REALLY talented people here, you guys are awesome! Just throwin it out there. Sometimes I'm like, 'Holy Moses, imagine what kind of game it would be if (person A) and (person B) put their heads together!'

    Anyway, just thought I'd say hello to everyone again (not sure if this belongs in open topic, feel free to move it, like i have a choice )

    ...incidently.... I don't suppose there have been any breakthroughs in the realm of isometric sorting with height? haha

    Have a nice day!

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  • Hey, welcome back

    Madster is currently working on a 2.5D plugin that uses the same perspective as your old robot game, you can check out the progress in his dev thread:

    It's not finished yet but he is actively working on it. It still needs work but it looks promising.

    Anyway, yeah I'll move this to OT

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