Hey I am fellow Georgian!

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  • Hey guys, first of all I just found about this Scirra - Construct 2. My fellow friends told me that we are now able to translate tutorials to Georgian. I really like translating some stuff to my native language, I got interested into this Construct 2 and I plan on translating some tutorials.

    I've created Scirra Georgian group on Facebook, so we can simply discuss some stuff, what we are translating and what are we working on.

    Thanks for this and if there's any other Georgian out here, reading this, simply join our Facebook group: Regards,


  • Hello eXtremousZ,

    Im glad you are going to help the comunity translating some tutorials, i also helped translating a tutorial with only 5 post and i want to continue doing it, it feels very good.

    Good luck on that

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  • eXtremousZ !!! good to see that you have made like minded buddies to translate all tutorial in georgian. good to see comunity is growing and language is not coming as hinderance.

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