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  • Herzog Zwei, possibly the BEST game EVER MADE.

    No... I'm serious.

    Made in 1989 by Technosoft, for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (depending which country you are from) this game was THE shiz. It was quite possibly the FIRST EVER really real RTS game, which later lead to awesome games like Command and Conquer, Starcraft, and Company of Heroes.

    Looking back now, the graphics sucked pretty bad... but dam there was some awesome gameplay there.

    So anyway I was thinking, gee it would be super great to do a remake of Herzog Zwei... so I thought I'd Google it first to see if anyone else has done it.

    Low and behold I find a forum post on Something Awful dating back only to January this year for a game called AirMech. You can get the game HERE. You need Chrome to play it, since it does some weird instally thing through Chrome that I don't quite understand, but ok that's still cool...

    So yea, this game is totally fawking rawking awesome... like it eats nails and stuff like that.

    Check it out and hit me up if you're up for some 1v1 or even 2v2 action... I think they even have 3v3 :D Ill be glad to kick your ass, I mean, show you the ropes.

    The game still plays like the old one but with a few modern twists and additions... but all-in-all it's a 20+ year old gaming formula that still works perfectly in this modern age.


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  • fun stuff


    I always thought it was weird how some unique and good ideas are forgotten or ignored by the industry.

    and when they do decide to pick them back up they turn them into fps's , like syndicate, or the first x-com remake.

    ...why even use the franchise?

    Its good to see indie developers pick up the pieces.

  • Yeah I'm pretty much loving this... need more people to play with though D:


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