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  • Hi, i just joined and I wish to ask where to get some good gfx for a top-down RTS. I am really bad at sprite art and I need help with it. It seems the first thing I need in a game is GFX, because without it the sprites won't be visible. for now i am making simple colored shapes, but if anyone is willing to make/point me to free gfx I will give credit if I make something with it and thank you either way.

    I want the RTS to end up kinda like Pikmin, except multiple "Olimars" facing against each other. The objective is to eliminate the other Olimars and be the first to gather all the ship parts from the landscape and opposing olimars and blast off the planet.

    Now i want terrain, pikmin, different Olimars, a broken ship, a fixed ship, and different spaceship parts, all in a top-down perspective.

    Thank you for any help.

  • Finish scripting your game first. I can't stress that enough. After that, use Google (I found this resource after only a few minutes of searching).

    Either that, or you could ask around here for some help. I know that there are more than a few artists willing to offer their talents, especially if the scripting is done. A lot of helpful folks here

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  • Here's a thought, cut out stuff from pikmin screenshots and use them as placeholders?

    When you have a fun game, getting an artist is easy.

  • Yeah like I said im just using basic shapes with different colors right now. but yep i agree, scripting the game is more important. I just thought I couldn't do anything without any images. ill see if that is incorrect.

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