What the hell is wrong with CocoonJS on iOS Texture size?

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  • I compile my game, as usual. I optimize all sprites to be MAX 512x512.

    And then?

    What happens?

    Our good friend CocoonJS helps me out, and makes the 512x512 textures 1024x1024. Why? I have no freaking idea.

    I set up Texture Reducer to cut to 512x512 and what do you know, still 1024x1024. Useless.

    Next up, 256x256 Texture Reducer. Oh, cool, the textures have dropped in size. RAM isn't obese. Nice. I come close to the images with my eye to inspect them, and they are not 512. They are blurry. Not retina.

    I am absolutely certain that most other solutions are at least 800% less confusing than this.

    Like making a button that says "Quit" and then it just continues the game.

    I'm baffled.

    EDIT: Textures get an increase in size even when Texture Reducer is DISABLED

  • Found the solution. FFS. Waste of time. Had to cut all resolutions -2px.

    So if it's 512x512, so it is read by memory 512x512, it needs to be 510x510

    And we are supposed to MAGICALLY know this.

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  • Asmodean Thank you good sir. Will studiously study the linky.

  • You should probably just completely ignore the power-of-two sizes thing. It's more likely to cause problems than help anything.

  • Ashley I have to since we are trying to maximize resolution on retina displays while keeping memory down.

    It was crazy CocoonJS was showing 3 times the amount of memory. Now we have it in a nice, comfy sub 30mb package

    Have to take this occasion to once again show my unquenchable love for you guys, what you've built, along with the community and the product. I've been a spammy megaphone for C2

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