Heh a new project wants 1 mill in Kickstarter

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  • It probably won't be 2D. What they probably meant is old school gameplay;

  • This project was interesting to me, I regularly back people in kickstarter and indiegogo.

    But with all projects i look at the time scale they state for their intention to complete. In my opinion I think if a game says it will take longer than 9 months then for me I would rather wait for its release and pay then when I know what I am getting.

    It seems there are a lot of games appearing on kickstarter like the above that have had no development time and are saying they wont be released till 2014 or later, with little actual idea of what the final product will be.

    I wish them good luck and if they create a decent oldschool rpg like fallout then I will buy it but until then Id rather keep my money, wait and see what they actually do.

  • kiyoshi

    This ^

    even tho old 2d rpg's are considered "old-school", the REAL old school rpgs are those played with paper, pencil, dices and some guy narrating the story, no computer related...

    if they manage to create an rpg that brings back the feeling of playing that kind of game, wich no computer rpg ever happened to make, then i'll look forward to buy the game, but IMO, not enough info for me to help with the kickstarter atm <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Is it illegal to totally finish a game, then go on kickstarter and pretend you are just starting it? Then just see how much money you collect and a few months later announce 'done!'

  • The other day I was reading a blog post published by that lady.

    She seems to be very knowledgeable about games in general.

    Also, her partner is part of the team that created Doom and other famous games. I'm pretty sure they will get there. The game might suck but they know a lot of important people.

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  • Two times in this thread I've seen the game fallout referred to as "Old school".

    I haven't played fallout, but heard mostly good things about it.

    Nevertheless, being in my 30ies, to me oldschool RPG (on computers) are the likes of Ultima Underworld (the first 3D RPG I've ever played. It was in old English when I was a kid not even understanding actual English and yet I spent hours on that game, not knowing what I was doing, still had fun. I could jump !), Eye of the beholder (Eye of the beholder II, same thing as above, a bit older, catching a few words here and there, but mostly moving my party and smashing monsters as I could), Might and Magic (I've spent a lot of time playing the III during the 2000, it was already old school then ^^).

    I've played some Third Eye on table too at some point, it was funny too and "really" old school.

    Ultimate hardware, your imagination <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I just guess the meaning of "old school" varies from a person to an other. And staying vague they can catch attention if not backing.

  • They don't mention the graphics anywhere, or even provide mockup. Sigh...

  • Kyatric

    Off topic but you have to watch this: (skip to 1:40 if your in a rush) youtube.com/watch

    So many hours spent...

    on topic: I think the last rpg I played that I would consider oldschool is "The Temple of Elemental Evil". I remember trying to play Ultima Online when it came out, but it needed a 4 meg graphics card and I only had a 2. Lol.

  • What in the world are they planning to do with 1 mil? That isn't enough to build a game fun enough to play while making toast (and I don't own a toaster). Triple A titles cost 20 mil on average. Look at that picture, there are 24 people in it, lets say they clear an average of 50K per year each, that's 1.2 mil just on salaries for one year. After office space, hardware, software, insurance, travel, contractors, paying off kickstarter pledge rewards, and innumerable other costs are factored in they won't even have enough money to work on this game for a few months. Even the 3.3 mil Double Fine received from kickstarter isn't their only cash.




  • I'm a bit disappointed tbh, even though I hadn't backed it up yet and that maybe indeed the pitch was bad.

    One has also to take into consideration that the studio lost some other project recently (Ghost Recon Commander) leading to a wave of lay off in their studio - https://twitter.com/romero/status/263075807411458048.

    Bad timing most likely impacting the "Old school" project.

    Despite the ominous amount of money asked, the project was still interesting imo and I was curious to see what they would come up with.

    Guess it's just on hold for now and their next kickstarte campain shall be kickass.

  • I knew this, it could be another Daikatana

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