How the heck did Scirra make those Sprites ?!

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  • Hey Guys ! Whiteclaws Here , and today , I'm asking a graphical question !

    I'm making a topdown Tank Shooter and I'm wondering hwo the heck did Scirra make the sprites in the battlefield sprite pack !

    Another example of the sprites : Wii play

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    Knowing that I totally suck at Graphic Designing , I need to know how they did it and if someone can do it for me !

    Thanks a lot !

  • You're asking how they did it? Like are you really asking which program they used to make it and what skill sets are required to created graphics like that? Or are you just exclaiming HOW DID THEY DO THAT as in it's really awesome looking and you're impressed with it? If you proclaim that you "suck at graphics designing" and you would still like to give it a shot, I would suggest you just use some basic editing program like MS paint or Paint.NET and you just google around for images that are similar to what you want and you can try to emulate those images so at least you aren't starting from scratch.

    But from the number of rep points you have, you don't seem to be a new kid to the world of game design so I'm scratching my head a bit at what you're really asking here?

  • How they did make it , I'm know how to use Photoshop Cs5 , I'm just asking for the best way you could do it , all what you did put in your post , from scratch , and yes , I searched ...

  • Okay so since you know how to use Photoshop CS5, it sounds like your question is really "How do you acquire the skill set to be able to create cool looking sprites?" The best answer I could give is to practice and take art classes and graphical design classes. If you just want to make 2d sprites, than you just do it and that's all there is to it. Somebody had to start from scratch. If you're fine with your art looking similar to someone elses, than do your best to emulate without plagerizing. You could create a three dimensional model of the object if you want to have realistic lighting effects and make it look more 3D. I would use Blender.

  • Any Sprites on the Web , Looking like those , but with the turret and the tank separated ?

  • I googled "tank sprites" under the Images for Google and it comes up with quite a bit of seperated tank bodies and turrets. Since you are just doing top down, it seems like a realatively simple 2d top down sprite would do? Unless you really want that smooth rotating effect in which case you would either need a few more in between animation frames to make it look smooth or you would still need to go the more elaborate route of making a three dimensional model. Just making some top down 2d sprites would be much easier so probably best to go that route at first. If there is a tank model that you see that has the body partially covered up by the turret, you could still just cut off the turret and recreate the missing body of the tank based on the rest of the tank that you can still see.

  • I'm 99% sure they made these in a 3D modeling program. For example, I made this on 3D Studio Max <img src="" border="0" />, it's a 3d pre-rendered sprite, which you can import into construct

  • 7Soul

    How ? That's what I want to know !

    Give me some steps on how to export a model into 8-16-32 direction sprites

    and import them to C2 !

    And check out if you have some rectangle sprites but in multiple directions ( Like that building ) That would help me a lot !

  • With a price tag of $3,675.00, it's a considerable investment but if you're serious, than more power to you.

  • Have you checked this tutorial ?

    It is the base. With a 3D program you create your model (for this have a google search) and render it into PNGs that you import in C2.

    Moving the thread also as it is not directly related to C2.

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  • You can get all Autodesk software for free if you are a student.

  • There are tons of 3d software packages far cheaper than 3ds max - in fact, I wouldn't reccommend starting with it anyway because it's a professional tool that wouldn't be the easiest thing to learn if you're just starting out on your own.

    I started with a program now called Carrara (used to be called ray dream studio when I started with it). It's not free ($150 / $285 depending on the version), but it's far cheaper than 3ds max and I find it quite easy to use and can get the results I want most of the time.


    Free and easy to learn.

  • I'd recommend blender, it's free and offers a lot of the same tools and options as 3ds max and Maya.

    <font size="2">Edit: Meh, ninjas everywhere.</font>

  • I have 3ds max , And I already know how to use blender ... I'm just waiting for a more powerful PC ! Perhaps the term of "Suck at Graphic Designing " Was a little too powerful :D

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