How did you hear about Construct 2?

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  • We've run one of these before, and we would be very interested to hear from fairly new users/brand new users where they heard about Scirra and Construct 2 from!

  • I Wrote "best game engine" in google, and got to this site

    I read descriptions, and when i got to construct 0.99 I had to try it...I clicked the link, got me here, I saw there was a "Construct 2" and decided to go in deeper.

    I'm so glad i did.

    saludos :D

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  • I saw Construct Classic and instantly dropped everything I've ever used before. Then C2 came out a few years later and it's going to be even better =P

    Err did I say years? I mean, I'm a fairly new user who loves Construct <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I think that I've read about Construct 2 for the first time on appmobi's website, where it was listed first in the free HTML5 game engines/editors category.

    Glad I heard about it before losing more time with other solutions, which to my opinion are all (both free and commercial) inferior to C2 for simple & rapid cross platform point-and-click/touch game development!

    One suggestion though:

    Since it is still beta as all HTML5 stuff is, you should make it at least partly opensource (maybe via a higher-priced "partner" license with access to source code), so that it can be improved by advanced users/developers based on their needs without having to wait on a new release for a specific feature to be added.

    I'd be between the first to buy it, if the price remains accessible.

  • I am fairy new, since May. I first read of it on this site here. I am still learning CC during free time, and just reading about C2 at this moment. I always prefer to go with versions that are currently being updated. I plan to keep my eye on this site for a long, long time.

  • I was working on a 3D-Game project with a friend as was browsing over enginges. I found at first another game creation software wich I was working with (Yoyo - Game Maker) ... after a while I was googling for this enigne and found a thread named "5 Reasons why Construct is better than Game Maker" (CLICK ME

    Than I was trying out Construct and fell in love .. and after a while I realised that Scirra made a Construct 2 =)

  • Well, I just found out about Construct yesterday and would be glad to sha..

    Wait what

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