I hate tilesets

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  • I hate tilesets. And that's kind of werid - i love old snes action adventrues and rpgs, gfx there is tiled, and i've got no complains about it. Tilesets do work well with low res games were low pixels intensity was giving an illusion of a variety.

    But every time i'm trying to draw a tileset i stuck on a part. Now days with such great tolls and high res possibilietes, i just cant's myslef enough within boundires putted by tiles. With small variety of shapes, it is always seam repetetive, not poetic and neither artistic. In the end i'm drawind whole picture. but that's no good if you want to keep size of the game small, especialy if it is an epic action adventure game with loads of locations, enemies etc. But in the end there's no othere way realy, but to make game envirement tiled.

    Just thought i'll share with you my frustration.

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  • have you tried layering them?

  • david hellman did a nice job with tiles in braid.

  • have you tried layering them?

    What do you mean?

    david hellman did a nice job with tiles in braid.

    yes he did. but it is a platform game and there is more focus on backgrounds.

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