Happy new year! (and resolutions)

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  • Soooo I just woke up after quite the new year party..

    HAPPY 2009!

    What're you picking as a resolution? I try to take these seriously and improve my life, and sometimes it works, so.. going to start running again 4 days a week.

  • Happy 2009

    My resolution is to spend more time with my family! Since I am now working for myself, from home... this should be a lot easier, and my daughter will no longer get upset because "daddy has to go to work".


  • Happy new year!!!

    Mine is to have more appreciation for what I have, epically my life....I have problems with appreciating what I have sometimes. I don't value my life as much as I should. Although there is a lot of darkness in me, there is quite a bit of light, it just doesn't always seem to surface. But my lady friend helps

    That's another one....I want to be a good provider for once. Not be the "prividee" lmao. It's my turn to give the bacon!!!!! We'll see how it turn out....

    P.S. Rich did you install the chatbox function? If so thank you very much!!!! I had great fun with it last night, it was a real blast actually talking with fellow constructors! Much obliged!!!!

  • Happy 2009! As for new years resolutions, eh, dunno... get to Construct 1.0, lol

  • My resolution is to finish Monster Panic. And Chamber (that is, if Sol and I ever actually get started ).

  • Happy New Year, everybody! I just want to finish the two games I'm currently working on. That and get my first job.


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  • My resolution is to finish Monster Panic. And Chamber (that is, if Sol and I ever actually get started ).

    It is time brother... it is time.

    The new business has kicked off with an explosive start... and for the next few days I won't be able to tell the difference from my ass to my head... but as the dust settles, the creation will reinstate


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