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  • Hey Guys,

    You all have been so supportive of me when I've asked for help. I can't relive the quality of this forum. I wanted to say sorry for abandoning you all after making deals with a few of you like with Sol for example. My bad man, I should have PMed you that I was giving up. Here's whats up:

    My mother just had an amputation of her %&$ing foot, and a bloodclot that almost killed her. So that was not fun. She is stuck in as wealchair FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE. I have to get my drivers license/Permit as soon as possible cause she can't drive anymore really. (She does have hand controls though) Anyway I myself had a crisis that I so not want to go over what's so ever, but let's just say it was really F'ing bad OK?

    So things where not going well so I said $%^& Game Making and I turned to the one thing that helps me in my deepest darkness...making/writing music. The best part is (Of course) using a editing software to make it perfect or FL Studio to generate it, but I have decided to devote my spare time to Music now.

    If anyone wants to hear me play sometime send me a PM or post in this thread and I'll post/send a MP3(s) of my stuff. Heads up I'm an Acoustic Indie Rock guy

    Anyway I'll still come over to talk to you guys on the off topic section every now and then. But overall this is my departure. (Not like I ever really arrived eh?) Anyway thank you for the open arms, they meant a lot to me, still do in fact.

    Keep up the good work you got going here Ash, you got a great thing here. I've only seen 1 other place like it. it did not consists of 20-36 year olds however, lol more like 14-20. But hey the older the wiser. I'm not complaining.

    See you guys around!!!


  • Best of luck.

  • I'm sorry to hear about your mother losing her foot

    Just so you know, the Construct community isn't some cult that you need to sign up to and make a formal statement that your leaving. Half the projects I start I never end up finishing, and in a way I find programming and game making a rather relaxing activity. If you find that music is what you enjoy doing in your spare time then go for it! Feel free of course to post your mp3s here, video games need music! And if you ever feel the need to do a bit of game maing, or even just see what other people are up to, you know where to click.

    Anyways, I wish you and your family all the best...

  • Really sorry to hear the bad news. Hopefully everything will work out in time.

    You'll always be welcome back here, so no need to worry about us!

  • Hey mate best of luck for the future. Sorry to hear about your bad news. If you get time once in awhile, pop in and say g'day.


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  • Hey peoples,

    Thanks for the encouragement

    I'll DEFF pop buy every now and then, and hopefully w2ith a tune or two fact here's one right now!!!!

    It's an Acoustic song I'm working on for a "Special someone"

    I'm going to do a mjor revamping of it and make it more "flowish" as in more like a real song and with better "Flow" It may sound jagged at some parts as I recorded the different sections of the guitar and layered them together, but was to lazy to do it well haha. But it's a WIP right!? So what more do you want, it's 3:20 long by the way. Don't worry about letting me know what you think of it just enjoy it. I'm over at Newgrounds now by the way. (Under Angelus1818 lol) So you can get updates of my music there if I don't post it here

    there ya go

    Anyway I'll always be back to boast when I get new software and graphics cards to so you guys will still see me lol. Thanks again and cya.

    P.S. Some of my NG Music sucks YOU HAVE BEEN WORDED!!! lol

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