Guardians: Royal Journey - TD Game for iOS

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  • Hello everyone,I am pleased to announce the release of our new game - Guardians:Royal Journey.

    Guardians:Royal Journey is a fun and addictive strategy tower defense game.With its cute and adorable art style and its casual gameplay it is perfect for gamers of all ages.

    Free Download links From iTunes:

    Game Features:

    1.Featured Themes and Levels

    Grasslands, desert, volcanoes, underwater and other colorful and vibrant themes;Go through over a hundred different levels and checkpoints facing various challenges.

    2.Various Modes Explorable

    Time Mode, Destroy Mode, Quest Mode, Blind Mode and other diverse gameplay modes.

    3.Scores of Monsters, Towers, and Magic

    Orcs, Dark plants, scores of other monsters, a variety of villain units and BOSS monsters tend to attack in groups;Use dozens of towers and magical items, make powerful combinations to effectively defend against the enemies;

    4.Achievement System and Unlockable Hidden Levels

    Explore levels to accomplish achievements and get rewards;Collect pieces to unlock hidden bonus challenges.

    Please don't forget to rate the game

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