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  • so yea im that guy making gasman ff and invidia 422AC. check the email i used to register if someone dosnt believe.

    while im busy finishing the first game with every religion, something big, that 3 distributors are waiting to take, and previews are allready being made on gamezebo...i decided to google the game, i decided to check my page of my game here...and what do i signature changed to "619 banned everyday"

    you know green admin or whatever your called, assholes like you really piss me off.

    while im making fame for construct your trolling me?

    i think i preffer (oh better make fun of that double f grammar mistake) to start using another game editor, where the community dosnt suck.

    have fun changing my posts, just dont remember to watch this years indie game awards you big baby

  • [quote:dyz55gqs]where the community dosnt suck

    its hard for a creation that barely exist to suck... or do any other type of actions heh

  • I don't really get it, insulting people to promote your games?

    Is it some kind of reverse marketing?

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  • As I recall you didn't do anything that called for your ban, but you asked to be banned, and they responded in kind.

    If you wish to be a part of the community, then fine, obviously a ban wont keep you away, but please try to keep the hissyfits to a minimum, they really don't accomplish anything.

  • Why do you constantly embarrass yourself? As I remember, you asked admins to get erased.

  • Here's what you said in your post:

    "...and i cant but notice that everyone seems to "hate me" so i would like a divorce, how do i delete my account/posts or i just should stop writing?"

    Deadeye then closed your account/banned you, as you wished.

    Take a look at your posts under your old name and see if you come across a bit spiky.

    Apart from the occasional person, most people here are agreeable, and I've seen communities far, far worse than this.

    Personally, going only on your posts, it looks to me as if you don't know how to communicate with others at a decent level.

    How old are you?

    Remember, people's opinions of you can only be based on what you write on the forums, and how you behave to other people's comments.

    Other than that, there's not a lot else to say.

    I hope you're only a kid, because at least then it's almost excusable.


  • Locking this thread. Please PM me personally whenever you have an issue with the conduct of any moderators.

    To everyone else: I don't think it helps to throw counter-accusations.

  • Oh, wow hey... it's karshinkoff again. I leave for just a little while and I miss all this.

    You got banned. That means don't come back. Ever. I'm going to do it again, and this time will you please stay gone?

    Oh and I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you at the next indie game awards.

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