The great construct game challenge of 2010!!

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    Welcome to the great construct game challenge of 2010!

    The game

    Due to a series of unfortunate events in IRC. An unstable dimensional rift in space time opened above Sagal's stash of Beer, swallowing it up instantly. Without a thought, Sagal, in a panic as the store was closed. Jumped into the rift to save his beloved beer. Only to discover himself in a dimension where beer had never been invented, thus his stash had instantly become as precious to the inhabitants as the Holy Grail (which they planned to use to drink the beer from). The queen decided Sagal couldn't have his beer back and sent forth her minions to prevent him from reaching the Royal refrigerator to claim his prize and return back to his home in Finland.

    The challenge

    It's up to YOU to turn this game into a reality. It can look any way you like, it can be any genre you like, there is no limit on what you do with it. It can be short, it can be long. So long as it's silly!

    The rules

    The game has to be made in construct (any version) and your cap provided, and you have to use every plugin and behavior at least once somewhere in your game no matter what.

    Other than that, there are no rules.

    Closing Date

    June 1st 2010


  • You're fired.

  • Way to post an appropriate picture...

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  • The inventor of Copy and paste is rolling in his grave.

  • Using every plugin and behavior in construct is a bit.... crazy, good luck with that. There are currently

    ~90 plugins not including all the third party plugins....

  • Rofl xD didn't get what PixelRebirth meant that you owned me but now I see xD xD

    PS. People if you are interested in the origins of the ideas for this err "joke" use the chat more

    -Sagal the Seagull (kaww kaww)

  • The inventor of Copy and paste is rolling in his grave.

    Actually, he won't! He is still alive,_copy,_and_paste

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