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  • Dear Community!

    Sure do I enjoy doing coding stuff and everything about that, but actually I am more into graphic design ... sadly I am not that good, but I really would like to get a few people to work with together

    I know that most of you people would like to make kick ass games but aren't able to do graphics or are using graphics from other games / sites / etc ..

    What I can offer is a partner to make games with .. primary I will do all the graphic stuff from menu to sprites to animation etc .. secondary I can also do a little bit of the coding part.

    I would be happy to get a few PNs of people who are looking for a partner

    I can do:


    Vector graphic




    From a glass to whatever I feel to =)

    (I also work with people who are completely new, don't feel to "unskilled", just text me if you want to have a partner =))


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  • Do you have a portfolio? I believe I can speak for any potential partners when I say that some examples of your work would be awesome! DeviantArt? Personal website?

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