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  • Chrome kept freezing for a few seconds then coming back. I'll be on that like it aint no thang when its working properly.

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  • I'm fine with Firefox 3 at the moment, I might give Chrome a try though just to see how it is. I know I'm in the minority but I like clutter, well organised clutter. I have loads of icons on my desktop for example, but it speeds everything up for me cos I know where everything is. Same with Firefox, I have buttons spanning the whole 1680 pixels of the screen, speeds things up for me cos I can just shoot the cursor up to where I want it.

    Something that sounds great about Chrome is the independent tab rendering, I like the idea of how individual tabs can crash without ballsing the whole browser window up.

  • I like Chrome, the url bar at the top is really intelligent...u type 'sc' and press enter and it goes to Firefox 3 requires u to click on the dropdown list. Also it seems to have google search built into the address bar. Like for instance, type in 'doppel', wait for about half a second, and google search results appear in the address bar as well as 'did u mean...' etc etc.

    Also I like how the tabs appear in the title bar, it saves a lot of room.

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