Google augmented-reality game Ingress to expand to iOS in 20

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  • Entrance, an augmented reality game from Android Niantic Google laboratory unit, game player tries to conquer the territory in the real world, iOS 2014.

    Arrived a year ago, entrance closed beta software has been updated, revised and new function. For one thing, no change is a no iPhone version, although Google tend to support Apple's mobile operating system.

    The next year, however, Google is planning to release the iOS entrance, entrance product manager Brandon told D. everything

    At the entrance, game player to join another team -- enlightened or resistance. The players make fun of for the team "the frog" and "The Smurfs," respectively, green and blue color. The players then travel around the world trying to capture or defend "portal", and the real world of points of interest, such as art or public library project.

    The portal can be linked to a geographic area on the map, will draw the shape; traditional games encourage large shape, much of the population, but some of the players who try various devices to the entrance map for art canvas.

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