Goodbye XP, hello ...???

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  • So Xp is getting the axe soon, and I'm debating installing another free os.

    Question is: anyone know of one where C2 games work?

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  • C2 works on Windows.... The games work in any browser so OS doesn't effect the games, but it does effect your ability to create them in C2. Windows 8 is pretty much your only choice if you want to make games for windows app store as well.

  • hey you can also try linux with wine or crossover for using c2 !!! i have never use c2 on linux platform but all the windows native application can work on linux with wine. TRY and tell !!!

  • Im using windows 7 and works great


  • Not really worried about running C2 on a Xp system. Its a given that the hardware specs just aren't enough.

    What I was hoping for was a low end Linux system to test games on.

  • Honestly, unless you're getting a new computer, upgrading from XP to a newer Windows will be a nightmare; your computer won't be able to handle it, despite what their "minimum specs" say. Minimum specs is simply saying it won't burst into flames on you.

  • The latest versions of Windows have actually been stripped back a bit to be able to run better on older systems, particularly since Windows 8+ are aimed at weaker mobile devices. Windows 8.1 will apparently run with a 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 16 GB disk space and a DX9-compatible graphics card. That probably covers a lot of older systems still.

    Windows 8.1 isn't that bad - you can boot to desktop and treat the metro mode just as a fullscreen start menu.

  • I tried the Windows 8 upgrade assistant, and it was pretty much like the Simpson's Nelson going "ha ha".

    Besides Id rather brick the system then spend more money on it.

  • Well its the 8th, and with a bit of experimenting I have a reasonable test station using Linux Elementary OS.

    Im getting 30 fps webgl flag enabled on Chrome.

    About the same, if not a little better than it was on XP.

    The OS is fairly nice as well.

  • I was gonna upgrade to windows 8 but I wasn't ready for the change due to the new ui for window's 8, I prefer the windows 7 interface so I decided to keep it. The new ui looks a bit scattered and feels like my tablet device which I'm not to fond of.


    Did you upgrade your actual windows Os to 8? Or are you using a virtual machine?

    I was wondering if there was a way to change the ui for windows 8.

  • Well the thread initially was about an Xp machine that can't run 7, or 8, let alone Vista.

    I am using 7 on my main system for the time being.

  • And it is working good for you?

  • As my previous post stated, about 30 fps on EOS for C2 games.

    The os is fine, and not terribly dependent on the terminal.

  • That's what's amazing. An old system with XP doesn't run so much worse than a new system with Win7/8 on most things. Just shows you how much we need a different OS.

    (edit: by different OS, I meant different to Microsoft. Imagine how fast modern computers would be without MS's lead weight).

  • Well that's 30 fps max.

    I added some particles, and a text object, so that's not really taxing to the cpu.

    I will say the gpu was a Nvidia with I think 512 mb.

    So really the only thing that's amazing is that there was some proprietary drivers available.


    Also multiplayer works

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